95 Buick Riviera - having trouble starting

95 Buick Riviera Supercharger … when turn blinker on, car dies…or won’t start at all. Have to try several times and wait for indicator lights on dash to come on and for the door/key alarm to sound before can turn over car. Sometimes have to turn steering wheel til wheels are straight. Son started hitting/shaking steering to get it to start. Ignition Control Module?

Sounds like ignition switch.

The ignition switch is on the steering column with wires running up the column. The turn signal stalk also has wire running down the steering column. You are going to have to drop the column down and take a look at all the wires to see if there is broken insulation causing an intermittant short. You have to be careful of the air bag on the steering wheel. Somehow movement of the steering wheel is causing an electical short and has nothing to do with the ignition module.