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Buick Rendevouz not going past 4k rpms

2004 Buick Rendevouz isn’t going past 4k Rpms. When in park it will just max out and when in drive the car will stop accelerating until the Rpms drop. Fuel pump, fuses all have been checked and the car Is throwing no codes. Also after a while the car will die and won’t start back up for an hour or 2. Camshaft sensor and wires were just replaced but the problem started happening before sensor was bad.

So you can’t rev the engine past 4000rpm while the trans in in park.

The engine control module is not allowing you to make foolish decisions that may destroy your engine.!!!

This is not a race car.


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3.4 motor? i have not rev’d over 3k since i got my equinox. only been 2 months though. its bad enough that you have to drive a rig with a silly name though equinox is pretty silly too

It doesn’t go over 4k period drive or park