Buick Rendevous

When I put my rendevous in drive the gas pedal makes a quick vibrating noise. Is it the antilock brakes self check or is it associated with the traction control feature?

Good question. What precisely indicates to you that it is one or the other of the mentioned compnents. Are there times when it does not vibrate? Do you only feel the vibration with your foot on your accel pedal? Any other symptoms or problems?

Have you figured out what this is yet? I just purchased a 2005 CXL and noticed this same thing when pulling out of a parking space and then straightening the wheel, the quick vibration occurs as I pull forward. Doesn’t seem to happen on normal turns or normal accelaration, just when having pulled out of a parking space, straightened the wheel and starting forward. I’d love to have some idea before I take it to the dealer while my 3000 mile used car warranty is still in effect. Thank you! S. Smith

I must of misted this one first time around. I don’t see why it would indicate either the anti-lock or traction control. Why do you think they would be at fault.

More info. Miles age prior problems, any engine lights on, etc.

Does the problem go away as you drive, does it interfere with you driving it? Is the prescribed maintenance (like plugs) up to date? How long has it been going on? Any change with the weather or with the engine cold vs hot?

I have this same issue with my 2005 Rendezvous, just purchsed with 21,000 mile on it. It is “certified” used and was a return from lease, in pristine condition. This vibration in my vehicle occurs only when I have pulled out of a parking space and have straightened the wheel to go forward. When I press the gas, the vibration occurs. It does not last and I notice it only when straightening the wheel and pressing the gas after pulling out of a space. Normal turns in driving - I don’t notice this. Any ideas?