Buick Lacrosse Coolant Leak

Hello. I currently drive 2010 Buick Lacrosse cxs awd. Love it! Last night driving home from work my car was over heated by the time I pulled into my driveway. Thinking I was low on coolant possibly I filled it today and discovered a leak. It seems to be leaking towards the back of my engine and is leaking rather fast. Would this possibly be a heater hose, my water pump, or something else? If it is a cheaper part I would like to attempt the repair myself. Whats the best way to discover where the leak is coming from.

Some parts stores will let you borrow a cooling system pressure tester for a deposit.

Make sure you also get the adapter for the coolant tank as your vehicle doesn’t have a radiator cap.


Look, if necessary, get under the car and look. Don’t go under a car on a jack without jack stands.

You should not need a pressure tester to find a fast leak.

I believe that engine is configured as a transverse V6, so the water pump is probably on the front of the engine, which would place it near the passenger side front tire; i.e. assuming by “back of the engine” you mean near the firewall area, the water pump area is not where the leak is. A firewall area coolant leak would more likely be a heater hose or an intake manifold gasket problem.

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You need to be able to identify the leak before you can determine if you have the ability to repair it. If you can’t see the leak you will need to have a professional inspect the vehicle.