Buick Fuel Capacity

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I have a 1998 buick century. The manual, everything I’ve seen online, etc all say the fuel tank capacity is 17 gallons. I have never put more than maybe 14.5gal in the tank. And when I have it has really felt like I was pushing the limit. Usually when I fill up with the ‘E’ light on, it comes out to 12-13gal.

Does anyone know the actual capacity of this car? Is the “E” line just extremely conservative and I actually have a few more gallons left?

^ This. Manufacturers don’t want you to run out of gas so there’s a margin between “E” on the gauge and actual bone dry.


You should just refill at the 1/4 mark and what does it matter how much fuel it should hold. It may not do any harm but letting the fuel level get to low can cause damage to the fuel pump . The fuel in your tank acts as a cooling agent for the pump .


With the "low fuel"lamp illuminated, most cars usually have approx. 2 gals left.


I am going to add that I just refuel both vehicles at the 1/2 mark . You never know when storms or just plain supply problems can happen . At least that way I have enough fuel that I don’t have to panic.


I’ve got an 05 lesabre. I don’t think I’ve ever put more than 15 gallons in it fwiw. I’ve never looked up the actual capacity of the tank.

1998 Buick Century · Fuel tank capacity

17.5 gal

Nearly every low fuel light is VERY conservative. GM cars especially. Running out of fuel can easily ruin a fuel pump so the manufacturers don’t want you to run dry.

I gas up my Corolla when the gauge shows about 1/4 tank. It’s supposed to be a 13 gallon tank but I usually can’t get more than 10 in it.

I’ll admit, I’ve let the low fuel level light come on a time or two. That’s when I’ve gotten 15 gallons in.

Looks like your Buick has an 18 gallon tank so you had some margin.

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