2017 Buick LaCrosse takes 12 gallons in 16 gallon tank?

I have had a 2017 Buick Lacrosse for over a year now. I have never been able to put more than 12 gallons of gas in it at a time and it’s supposed to hold 16 gallons? Run it way down empty and only takes 12.

That’s odd to say the least…have you taken it back to the dealership to have them work on it/look at it?

I did and they said it was fine…….even went up the chain and they stuck to their guns!

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The only other thing I can think of is that something in your emissions system is clogged up (Vapor Canister and associated valves (Purge and Vent valves)), though I would think that would throw a Check Engine Light…I’d love to see how the upper levels said it was ok that you can’t fill up the last 3-4 gallons…I don’t even think they offered a 12 gallon tank did they?

So, the low fuel warning light comes on? Do you have a “miles to empty” readout on the screen?

Maybe the gauge is off and when it’s on flat E there are 4 gallons remaining.


The manual doesn’t say exactly from what I’m reading but 2 gallons remaining is pretty standard to turn the warning on

Similar size tank in my Forester which takes about 14 gallons to fill when the light comes on.

I found out recently (and sweating it…) that when the Low Fuel lamp on my Sonoma comes on I had better find a gas station within 10 miles at the maximum; preferably 5 miles.

All of my other vehicles over the years including my current Lincoln illuminate when there’s 2 gallons left.

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I agree , most vehicles have like a 3 gallon difference between guage and whats actually left . That way you wont run out of gas which not good in todays vehicles .

With My 2012 Camry, when the goe; lighjt comes on I have 4 to 5 gallons left. when I am on a trip I stop in the next 125 miles.

Good comments above. Either you’re mistaken about how much gas was in the tank prior to the fill-up, or there’s a problem with the evap system. When you pour gasoline into the tank there’s a bunch of vapor filled air that has to go somewhere to allow room for the gasoline. The gasoline fumes displaced by the re-fueling are directed by various valves and hoses into the charcoal canister. The fumes stored in the canister are later burned in the engine via the purge valve. So if it is an emissions problem, one of those valves is likely on the fritz. Purge valve problems are a fairly common thing reported here. YOu can use the forum search feature to search for “purge valve” to get more info. Click on the search icon, upper right on this page.

Some of the fuel gauges are very accurate but some aren’t. I’ve repaired some dual sending element systems that were a real pain to diagnose. But this is a new Buick and you’d think that the dealer would satisfy an owner on the situation. I mean did the dealer verify the bar code on the tank was for 16 gallons? If necessary they could pump the tank empty and fill it while watching the gauge. Of course I’m out here in never never land unable to see the gauge operate and fill the tank and I have never depended on a fuel gauge to determine when to fill up. I estimate the average expected miles from full to empty and multiply X .80 and round it off to an even number and reset my trip meter at every fill up. And FWIW most every domestic vehicle that I have owned has been slow to show fuel drop in the first half of the tank full and quick in the second half. My old Blazer seems to drop from 1/4 to E in less than 10 miles while from F to 3/4 will accumulate 80 +/- miles.

I doubt it’s a evap system problem, you’d likely get a code. More likely a poorly calibrated gas gauge.

When you fill up and the nozzle clicks off . . . does the fuel gauge read full?

100% full – so weird and thanks

Maybe so – I’ve never checked miles to empty on the computer and will do so – thanks!!

That must be it and thanks!

Good idea – light on and 12 gallons – will check miles available. Thanks!

Of the two vehicles we have I can’t remember what the fuel capacity is and I am not going to look it up. One has the Miles to empty readout but I always fill up before it reads 1/4 left. I do check MPG the correct way out of habit and it might warn me of a problem.

I have the exact same issue-- my 2017 LaCrosse Essence will only take 12 gallons max. Tom07, did you ever get resolution on this? I had my Buick in at the dealer twice to investigate, and the service rep. said the technician found no problem both times. I have zero confidence that anyone at the dealer spent any time investigating.