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Buick Ends Their USA Car Line

It seems the only new Buicks we’ll be seeing on USA roads will be SUVs. Buick cars? Kaput!

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That’s too bad, really. I suppose they aren’t selling well. I don’t know anything about the newer model Buick’s, but the older ones like I own seem to have been fairly reliable cars. I still see quite a few mid 2000 model Lesabres running around. Mostly older folks driving them. And one cheap redneck :grimacing:. I think I prefer Buick’s like mine over the other comparable domestic sedans of the era (Chevy Impala, Ford…Taurus, I guess?). But, like I said, I have no experience with the more modern Buick’s. I’ve never driven one that didn’t have a 3.8 liter, so I’m 15 years or so out of touch. That’s basically all my mom has driven for the past thirty years. They all went over 200k miles without any major issues, except for one problematic car that was bought used, had numerous sensors replaced including the computer, but never was correctly diagnosed. It was finally scrapped by my dad around 2007. Kind of hate to see Buick cars go away for good. I don’t really miss Pontiac, though :thinking:

Buick cars could comeback I suppose if American car buyers start to get tired of SUVs. I’ve been noticing that a higher and higher % of vehicles in parking lots are SUVs. Seems like it is 65- 75% SUV’s now. I’m not really sure what it is about SUV’s people like so much. Most of the ones I’ve ridden in or driven haven’t had very good handling characteristics, too much sway in turns compared to lower center of gravity sedans.

Well they got rid of Riviera so they might as well. A lot of farmers will be looking for something else though. An unbelievable number seem to like the Buick sedans. The female gender likes the SUV types though. I just think it is an all around mistake not to offer a reasonable line-up if you are going to be in the business long term. It leaves room for the competition to come in. Ya buy one Honda or VW or Audi, and you are likely to continue. Not to mention what’s going to happen when people find out the environmental costs of electrics and that the range will never go over 400 miles or be able to pull a boat. If that’s all ya got, people might not be stopping by for other than coffee and pop corn.

We bought an suv this last go round as well. 3rd row, so we can carry more people when needed (kids’ friends mainly). Better ground clearance, so a little more versatile. A little more “truck like”, so that’s appealing to me. I prefer sitting up a little higher vs down low like a sedan. So I do get the SUV appeal.

I think it might be a good idea for the domestics to keep one or two reliable sedans in the lineup, though. A small one, and a decent sized one. Similar to how Toyota and Honda do it. GM and Ford versions of the Corolla and the Camry, if you will. However, no real need for an Olds, Buick, and Chevy version of basically the same car, I suppose.

Then again, the small and mid sized SUV’s are mostly just boxy cars that sit up a little higher. I suppose if the sedan market makes a comeback, they can start producing them again.

People that get paid a lot more than I do get to make those decisions. Maybe they know what they’re up to!

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I guess it is a little sad, but being a re branded Chevrolet. Just offer a trim package for Chevy and be done with it.

They may get paid more but you’re the one buying what they are selling. Who is more important?

I think what sells SUVs and pickups tp people who never go off roar or use them to haul is the perception of safety, a perception that safety statistics don’t support.


It is so odd, looking for a new vehicle, 03 trailblazer getting long in the tooth, looks like a Colorado for 22k, as suv’s with towing capacity are not available, for a reasonable price.

Remember when you could tow a big boat or a 38 foot trailer behind any full size V8 sedan or wagon.

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towing behind a full frame, V8 auto? should work. what was lucy driving in the long long long trailer movie? or desi actually.

I have a hard time shedding a tear for rebadged Chevys, particularly when you can still buy a Chevy.

My understanding is that the original General Motors plan was to improve status perception . They wanted people to by a Chevrolet and as their income increased to progress through the line up of Pontiac , Oldsmobile , Buick and finally Cadillac . Those days are gone .
Of course I never understood the need for Chevy trucks and GMC trucks .

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I think it was a 55 or 56 pontiac.

Many recent Buick cars weren’t Chevys, the were rebadged Euro GM cars.

“Chevys,” / “GM cars” = tuh-mey-toh / tuh-mah-toh

You know, “repression” / “recession,” it’s all the same.

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IIRC, it was a Mercury convertible.

It was a Mercury.

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It is not the first time I have been wrong the memory is not what it used to be but I should have remembered that Ford was a sponser for the show.

It wasn’t “a show”.
It was a Hollywood movie, and while Ford supplied vehicles for the film, it wasn’t a “sponsor”.

If you are referring to their TV show, I believe that Phillip Morris was a sponsor, but there might have been an additional sponsor of their TV show.