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A fan or something is staying on constantly and running my battery down

I have a 2001 BMW 320ci that I purchased recently and all of a sudden a fan is staying on constantly even when I’m not in the vehicle and it’s running my battery down to the point the car won’t start! Anyone else have this problem? I think it’s an electrical fault but I’m not that clued up with cars. It’s still running now and I haven’t driven the car for two hours!!!

I have that same problem!

Now how does that help you? It doesn’t.

Now the answer. Yes, you have an electrical problem. Since you are not that clued up on cars, why wouldn’t you take the car into your local well rated independent auto repair shop for diagnosis and repair? Do that. Could be something as simple as a stuck fan relay. Good Luck

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Or replace the fan relay and hope you get lucky.

I’ve had radiator fans fail to turn on when they should, but never stay on when they be should shut off. But pretty much any failure mode you can imagine is possible, and somebody, somewhere will eventually have it. As mentioned above, this problem needs to be corrected asap and I expect most any well-recommended shop w/BMW experience will be able to solve it without much trouble.

If you feel lucky it could be a connector for the fan temperature sensor has fallen off. On my Corolla that causes the fan to run anytime the key is in the “on” position.