Buick Enclave with squeaky steering wheel

The steering wheel on my 2009 Buick Enclave with app 108,000 miles has started to make a squeaky sound when I make a substantial turn in either direction. The wheel turns fine but just has the squeaky noise. Also, it seems to start after I’ve driven the car for 15-20 minutes. Any ideas on what the problem could be and is it dangerous to drive the car with this problem? Thanks.


Car manufacturers often discover problems with their vehicles when frequent complaints surface.

To help speed the process of helping car owners, and the repair technicians who work on them, they publish Technical Service Bulletins for their technicians.

I see one that could apply to your vehicle. Look at the second one, #09-02-34-001A (has the word “squeak” in the subject description). (Note: this bulletin has been revised to #09-02-34-001B). This could be your problem. (I couldn’t find a download for the revised “B” bulletin)

I will definitely not tell you that the car is safe as I can’t see it or hear it, but I’m guessing that it is safe. It needs to be checked out in person.

You described the sound as a “squeaky sound”. There exist another bulletin for this vehicle that describes a complaint of a “Whine or Moan Type Noise from Power Steering System
During Low Speed Maneuvers”. That problem focuses on the power steering system.

The squeak you hear might be from the clock spring behind the steering wheel.


The clock spring allows a ribbon of wire to reel out and reel back in when the steering wheel is turned for the air bag.

Think of how a tape measure reels out and back in the tape. The clock spring works in the same manner.

I’ve had people come in the shop with squeaky clock springs in their vehicles. And I tell them either the clock spring needs to be replaced, or live with the squeak.

They live with the squeak.


What can I say…one woman’s squeak is another’s whine/moan. I just know it’s making a sound that it didn’t make before. I’ve read many, many posts from the Enclave forum and other sites where drivers of various year model Enclaves have reported their steering seizing up with no warning. Based on the number of reports I’ve seen online this seems to be a frequent problem with this vehicle. Yet there has not been a recall. While mine has not seized I worry that the noise I’m hearing may be a precursor to a seizing situation. These same folks have taken their vehicles to their GM dealers and had to pay, in most cases, thousands of $$ to have their vehicles repaired for wide and various diagnoses for the same apparent problem. I know that I need to get it checked out but I will likely be trading this vehicle In the next few months and I really don’t want to have to pay $$$ to repair it at this point…but I don’t want to drive an unsafe vehicle either. Thanks for listening!!