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1996 Buick Park Ave Ultra - hard start

I have a 1996 Buick Park Ave Ultra, 128,000 miles. Just recently it has become hard to start. The starter strains and the engine turns very slowly. then it will catch and run fine. Tonight the starter strained so much it sounded like the battery was dying and the car would not start. I jumped the battery and it started right away. The ammeter in the dash show 13V and all the lights are bright so I don’t think it is the battery. Any ideas?

The gauge on the dash shows how much the alternator is charging after the car is running. You could very easily need a new battery. Also your alternator should be charging at over 14 volts, time for a check-up.

Hello Xebadaih

Thanks for the info. The previous owner of the car had the battery replaced in Feb, 07 @ 105,000 miles. I will have it checked out though.