Bugatti Oil Change


Besides the initial cost of owning a Bugatti…an oil change is $21,000 and takes hours to do.

There are 16 drain plugs. At least it’s only recommended once a year. But still. I guess if you can afford the $1.7 million price tag, then the $21,000 charge for a yearly oil change is just pocket change.


Wait’ll you find out how much new tires cost, especially when you have to get new tires every 2500 miles.

… And on the 4th change you have to get new wheels because the tires are glued to the rims and they’ve determined the rims can’t take the gluing process more than 4 times.

So every 10,000 miles you get a bill that’s big enough to buy a Porsche Panamera with a little left over. :wink:


Like the wedding dresses I see being sold on television I feel certain that the customers’ complaints about the prices they pay are actually bragging.

I saw an old black and white movie where a young would be tycoon was complaining that he had to pay income tax which meant that his income was exponentially higher than anyone who worked for a living at the time and wanted everyone to know it.


For 1.7 million, I would think a Bugatti would be permanently lubricated and never need an oil.change.
I wonder if Walmart would do an oil change on a Bugatti for less than the dealer’s $21000 charge.


Perfect storm for Jiffy Lube…


One of my grandfathers was a mechanic who worked at a Ford dealership for several years during the depression and mentioned that he was paid some set rate for lubrication service and recalled when some model car showed up at the door everyone ran for the outhouse because it had so many troubling joints to grease and oil cups to fill that it took half a day to complete then another half day to clean up.

I wonder if replacing the engine in that Bugatti costs less than an oil change.


@MikeInNH. Did you trade your 4Runnrr for a Bugatti? Glad you shared your expenses with us. I think we will keep our 4Runner for a while.


I use a local repair shop for working on my cars… but, I’ve often said I won’t have a car that Walmart can’t change the oil on. Just a simple over/under that works for me.

Many moons ago, a family member of mine had a Lexus. The nearest Lexus dealership was about 3 hours away in Dallas, and whenever the car needed an oil change, the car had to go to Dallas. Seemed a little silly to me then and now.


That oil change in Dallas was a good excuse for a road trip. Didn’t anyone catch on? Your relative probably went to Al Biernat’s for a steak dinner while waiting for the car. Even better, he was driven to the steakhouse by the Lexus dealer.

Yeah, that’s the ticket…


I’m thinking probably not…

Heck, a supercharged Cadillac engine cost $19K in a crate. The Bug motor’s gotta fetch half a million or better!


I saw a video on doing it. They have to remove quite a few lower body panels to get access. If it was me I would try a scenario like they use on trans fluid exchange machines. Get a 55 gal drum of oil and hook up the oil cooler lines so it sucks out the good oil and pipes the bad oil into another drum. After 20-25 gal you would imagine most of the oil would be changed. 80 qts X $5 qt and you only spent $400. OH yeah. Where is that darn oil filter?


having 16 drain plugs… how many oil filters you think it would have ? :slight_smile:


“If you have to ask what it costs you can’t afford it” has become an astronomical situation these days. But someone will finance a Bugatti I’m sure. Likely even offer a lease.


This is slightly off-topic, but on the subject of very expensive cars, yesterday I came upon a car that was driving very slowly in the center lane of I-287. It was being passed by vehicles on both the left and the right, as it essentially obstructed the traffic flow.

The vehicle in question was a late-model Bentley Continental convertible, being driven by a very elderly man. Poppy may not know how to drive safely on an expressway, but at least he can look good while he obstructs traffic with that car.


If they’re smart they will. When you have Veyron money you can get CDs and other investments at a higher interest rate than you pay for a car loan. If you pay cash for a Veyron, you lose money.

As an aside I always found the “if you have to ask” thing amusing. I had a guy in a snooty high-end stereo shop pull that on me once. “Well, funnyguy, if I don’t know how much it costs I don’t know how much money to give you for it, do I?”


i saw an ad for leasing a new bentley. 10k down and 2500/mo for 36 months. so 100k in 3yrs which is about what the value drops on them. 220k new and 100k value are 3-4 yrs.
a veyron will have no depeciation so the lease payments are zero?


Uh, no. HUGE depreciation:


I wonder what Bill Gates drives.


That would be funny. Bring it in for one of their $29.99 specials.