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I don’t know if this is a bug or not but I had about four personal emails from folks that responded to me on the board. Now I like you folks but I already get enough emails and really don’t want one every time someone mentions me. How do I turn that off? And how do we get to our personal settings page and history? Also how do we get to the main page with the options if we can’t get there by clicking on the “car talk” icon? Maybe its not all done yet but seems to me there should be options to click at the top or bottom or side or somewhere. I’m still trying with the new format but way too much white space and scrolling needed just IMHO.


Don’t email me but when you hit the “reply” box to write a reply, in order to post it you have to hit the “reply” box again which has shifted to the left side. Shouldn’t that second reply click be labeled as post or something instead of the same reply box?


Bing: Click your user name at the upper right.

Now click the gear:

Scroll down to email settings:

And uncheck everything.


How do I turn that off? And how do we get to our personal settings page and history?
You can get to your own settings by clicking on your photo (or letter, in your case) which should be up at the top right of the page.

Or you can click on your name, anywhere you’ve commented, and then click again in the pop-up that appears (but that’s more work!)
Then you should see these options. Preferences is off to the right.

Scroll down under preferences to adjust your email settings. Then you can save, either at the top or bottom of the page.

Also how do we get to the main page with the options if we can’t get there by clicking on the “car talk” icon?

That button at top left should take you back to the Car Talk Community main page. We should have a way to go straight to Cartalk.com too, but we messed that up! We’re working on that now too.

Thanks for your notes!
Ps. I just saw your next comment, and I can’t stop it from emailing you this time - sorry! But if you can get into your preferences you’ll be able to shut those emails off.


Hey shadowfax - just to confirm - are you talking about the max of 3 replies per topic? Oh, and thanks for letting us know!


Recommend you show original post dates on the lists of headings. That would prevent a lot of old posts from being dragged out of their graves.


It appears that this site and CARTALK.COM are two separate sites. If I log off here I am still logged on at CARTALK.COM
I am having a little trouble seeing if the change and effort were worth it.


When I type a reply, I can’t see what I’m typing. I’m using chrome on a small tablet.


The reply is a popup style window, if you enabled script blocking, that might be the cause. Try adding catalk.com to your trusted sites.


No, I was talking about getting the “you’re new and cant’ reply anymore for
awhile” message no matter where I replied. I think that was fixed
yesterday, though.


Odd behavior from the “suggested topics” feature; every suggested topic is one that I started. There doesn’t seem to be any actual criteria behind choosing a suggested topic beyond “you wrote it.”


Is there a way to see who’s logged in, as appeared automatically on the old Car Talk Community?


@shadowfax, I have updated the settings to lift the cap to the number of replies. It doesn’t pertain to you anymore now that you’ve been in the new community more than a day, but I like letting people know when we’ve fixed things.


@cdaquila-It seems silly that the suggested topics I see are mine and even when they are not mine they don’t seem to relate to the thread I am reading. This can’t be much fun for you and you have my sympathy.


It took a couple of days but I’m doing fine now. 2 thumbs up!


I like this forum, but I dislike getting any additional emails in my inbox.
How can one shut off those unwanted emails?

Edited to add:
I just noticed the post from jrweblackey, and have adjusted my settings.
Hopefully that will end the unwanted email notifications.

My only other comment is that the site has a very bland and colorless appearance, in comparison with the old site.


I’m still getting them. I clicked on my name and went to the settings and the boxes were checked so I’m not sure if I should have checked the boxes for notifications or not checked the boxes. I guess maybe I should go back and uncheck the boxes and see what happens.


I went to settings and left all boxes unchecked and said never on the other options.


@volvo_v70 OK, see if that works. I’ll have to go do the same if I can remember how to get in there again.


can you expand the Character name by a space so I don’t have to keep looking at @the_same_mountainbik