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Bug Deflector, Dealer installed - Check your bolts!

Oddly, make &model will not open! Not really important, would apply to most brands.
All the bolts holding my bug deflector vibrated out. Discovered this when exiting a car wash, deflector was hanging by one clip.
Just a word of advice, check those bolts periodically.
I would not have one installed, but the dealership had already installed it when new.

Way back in time, I believe just before the last ice age, I worked at a couple different car dealers. Many, but not all accessories were installed on new vehicles by a “new car prep” guy who was definitely not a technician/mechanic, but rather a car washing guy who installed license plate brackets.

This, no doubt, was done to save money for the New Car Sales Department, as the uncertified prep guy was already being paid a small hourly wage, compared with higher charges the Service Department would bill the Sales Department, internally, if a real technician did the work. It was all about profit and bottom line. Also, sales guys would rush to deliver a car and would do anything to get a car out the door.

Let’s just put it this way, the prep guy was probably never destined to pass certification tests and become certified in just about anything.

I have no idea if this scenario still plays out at car dealers, it’s probably different at different dealers, but I’m just hazarding a guess as to why a bug deflector could become problematic.
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