Bucket vs. Sport Seats

What is the difference?

What ever the salesman want’s it to be.

It is what the the marketing writers are coming up with selling a car.

My interpretation is Sport Seats tend to plant you into them without any lateral movement which does not work well for wider people.

“Bucket” is one word. “Sport Seats” is two words.

Other than that there’s no difference.

No real difference. If a car offers a ‘sports seat’ option, they’ll have larger side bolsters and sometimes additional adjustments. For those of us with a little extra width, the sports seats can occaisionally be uncomfortable…

p.s - does any car maker still use ‘bucket seats’ in their advertising? That’s more a '70s kind of label.

A bucket seat ( or a milk crate ) is what the use, at the Winnebago factory, when they ferry the bare chassis around the lot before they have a body on them. ( I’ve seen it done )

A true “bucket seat” is designed like a racing seat to provide lateral support. One cannot move around and “fidget” in a good bucket seat. It holds you right where you’re supposed to be for the best vehicle control.

A “sport seat” is actually a seat designed to be a seperate seat in and of itself but to provide the person with the ability to do all the moving around an fidgeting that the average driver does on a long drive.

But the terms are very loosely used.