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Bubble gum removal

Anybody out there know a good way to remove bubble gum from the car’s carpet?

Kerosene sparingly on a rag, then shampoo to get rid of the kerosene. Worked on my dining room carpet that had the bubble gum ground in with someones feet.

Ice. Get it really cold and it gets hard rather than mushy & stretchy. If you get it cold enough you can actually chip it off.

Then maybe finish with a kerosene wipedown.

I would use WD40, it stinks less. Get it cold with ice cubes and get as much scraped off as possible with butter knife. Then soak it with WD40 and up scrape the rest. Peanut butter works too.

I am reading all of your suggestions. Keep 'em coming.

Peanut butter?

Here’s a site with a number of good tips:

Thanks to all. It seems that freezing, WD40, and particular foodstuffs are forming common threads across the bulk of the suggestions. I’m reluctant to use foodstuffs because we have too many critters around my house.

I’m thinking of trying component cooler. I have a can at home, and that should freeze it solid. Maybe I’ll pick up a fresh can at Radio Shack tomorrow. I imagine that “Freeze-off” wart removers should work also. I don’t have any liquid nitrogen, but that would be cool too (pardon tha pun).

Hairspray supposedly works. I’ve never needed to try it myself.

Dry ice if you can find some. Then chip it off or hit it with a hammer.

Also, try a product called ‘Goof-off’. It seems to work very well on paint and adhesives, so it may just work on bubble-gum. If the gum has hardened, dry-ice may work the best.

Good ideas all. I think I’ll start by trying the component cooler. I may end up with dry ice. I’m not even sure where in my area I could buy dry ice, but Google is my friend.

Most places that recharge fire extinguishers may also sell dry-ice. Dry-ice is frozen CO2.

yep, great answer. finish with a pair if nail clippers or scissors.

Good tip.

MB: There’s New England Dry Ice in Hookset and Taggart Dry Ice in Nashua.

Got it. Thanks. I live in Allenstown, bordering Hooksett on the north, and I work in Nashua.

You sent me another tip, I believe it was for the key shop in Lowell, that I wanted to thank you for too.

No problem. After all I’ve learned from all your postings, I’m happy to be able to do what I can.

You’re a good man.

I’ve settled on freezing the gum and taking my frustration out on it with a ball-peen hammer, to be followed by a shop vac. It may be a while 'til I get to it, but once I do I’ll open up a new thread with the results, just for everyone’s edification. The dry ice should do the trick.