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Brushless motors for electric turbos

Electric Turbo/Supercharger question. While I have seen these advertised , they look pretty crudely engineered.
By using a Brushless Electric Motor controlled by the engine’s ECU , and going for Volume of Air as opposed to pressure boost you would only need a simple relief valve to vent the excess air when the Throttle Body Valve slams Shut. Most modern engines have 4 valves /cylinder so the extra air should be able to flow well. The only extra sensors/operators required is going to be the relief valve and the brushless motor controller. While we only have 12V to work with it should be plenty since we will be able to use Battery for the relatively short power drain.
This system would seem to be perfect for small cars that need a power boost.
It’s going to be a very lightweight , very small system with like 6 parts. The smaller diameter Inrunner Brushless motors can easily spin up to 60 thousand RPM ( and More ) will not need a dedicated oil line for the bearings like a typical exhaust turbo, or a drive belt running off of the engine.
This will Not replace turbos /superchargers on high performance cars but it might do wonders for econoboxes


Surf for electric turbo videos on YouTube somyou can see how well those cheap electric turbos work… or dont work.

The only way any supercharger works is to pressurize the intake stresm to above atmospheric. If you want more flow of air you will need more pressure. That is how these things work whether driven by the crankshaft, exhaust pressure and expansion or electric motor.

The power requirements are significant for any useful gains. Far more than the little motors can provide with only 12volts to work with.

Not gonna work no matter what the ads say. I do wonder how you would tie that motor into the ECU though.