Brush/Grille Guard for Ford F-150 pickup?


I have a 2001 F-150 4WD and I would like to know you opinion on whether a brushguard or a full grillguard will have an effect on adding to the truck’s weight, therefore affecting gas mileage? I am considering a grille guard because I go off-roading quite a bit and I would like some more secure way to protect my front end if something happens to get in my way. Thanks for your opinions on these.


Also do you recommend any brands? Thanks for your help.


Anyone? I would really appreciate your opinions. Thank you.


Anything that adds weight reduces fuel mileage. If you really need the protection it’s a trade-off you have to accept.


My guess is that a grill guard, all by itself, will not produce a measurable decrease in fuel mileage. There are so many things that contribute to the fuel mileage equation that it’s difficult to say one thing is responsible for either an increase or a decrease.