Brumping noise when sharp turn slow speed

2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport 5-speed Bought used 2yrs ago. 76,000 miles Only seems to happen after driving for more than an hour. When I either back into my driveway or turn sharp into a parking sport, mostly to right, I get a brumping sound, like something rubbing. My mechanic has replaced the sway bar links, front rotors, axle yoke , had a front differential leak so seal was replaced, and am still getting the sound. Tires Bf Goodrich All Terrain Do not do off road.

Are the tires the correct size for the vehicle?

Look at the fender liners for indications that the tire might be rubbing… Maybe that’s what london is thinking.

I’m gonna guess it’s a U-joint.
I’ve attached a link to some “exploded view” drawings for reference. With the Jeep elevated and the tranny in neutral it should be possible to turn the steering wheel, turn the wheels/tires, and find the sound.

You said the sway bar links were replaced. How about the sway bar bushings?