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93 bronco 302 engine automatic 4x4 is dropping to neutral out of overdrive on slightly downhill grades. a whirring noise has developed that increases pitch with accelerator pressure.

5 days and nobodys touching this yet? how about a little help here!

When was the last time the transmission fluid was changed? How many miles on the car? Any prior history of transmission problems? How long has it been doing it?

dont know history, ive owned it 2 years. mileage on tranny is unknown bronc has 325000 on body engine is strong. no other tranny probs. sliping for a couple of months, just on slight down hill

If you have the E4OD transmission, chances are it’s ready for a rebuild. I have a 95 with the 351. I had mine rebuilt at around the 127k mark. The early E4OD’s had a few issues, an aluminum valve body being the biggest.

i will check my tranny model, thanks all