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Bronco 2

My bronco 2 has a strange clicking sound that will also sound like an electrical short coming from what sounds like underneath the glove box area or the lower passenger side of the truck. It causes my bronco to stall.Otherwise has been running great. Any suggestions?

It probably IS an electrical short. Possibly from worn and chaffed harnesses there on a truck 1990 or older.

With the truck parked and running, start moving and wiggling all the wires you can see.
BZZZT you’ll find it.

Yes it is a 1984 bronco 2. Chaffed harnesses? Is that a do it yourself fix?

It can be.
If you can find it and see it. You could cut back the shielding and butt splice each broken wire one at a time. The wires are color coded so you’ll get it right even if you have to cut out a few inches and splice in a section of generic wire.

These splices are available at all the auto parts places like Auto Zone and Car Quest.

Re shield the spliced area, and if it’s a high rub place give it extra shielding like piece of rubber hose .

Thanks so much! I’ll give it a try.

The battery is on that side of the truck as well.
Check that the battery cables are tight to the battery posts and the starter relay.

Thanks! JFYI I brought this to my mechanic before and he said he didnt know what the problem was until he looked at it. He then replaced the distributor. Worked fine and then this starts again. Just had this done maybe 6 weeks ago. Tired of paying 100.00 something an hour.