Broken Shifter Question

Last week I had my car towed to my mechanic because my shifter wasn’t moving easily and then my car wouldn’t start at all. He said I needed a new shifter but had to order it and told me to hit it to get it to start in the meantime which worked that day. A few days ago it started right up but I could barely move the shifter at all and my brakes locked. I tried to get it into reverse but it wound up getting stuck in neutral. I finally managed to get it back into park but my car started rolling and I had to put my emergency brake on. My question is I have to get it back to the mechanic tomorrow and wondering if I should try to play with the shifter to get it there or if I should call another tow truck. Would it possible to damage anything in the process or would there be any dangers involved? Any advice would be appreciated.

I change my answer after a closer read. have it towed.

Tow it back …your brakes locked, you got stuck in neutral, the car rolled in park… I think it would very dangerous to try and drive this thing back

I don’t think the brakes locked, I think it was in park but the lever showed something else. Same thing for rolling in park, not really in park.
I also think towing is the best plan.

Tow it. Or risk instant death. :grimacing:
It’s unsafe to try to drive with these issues going on.