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Broken Key and an old car

Today the key to my 1997 Geo Metro broke - not sure where, just went to turn on my car and saw that half the key was gone (perhaps in the start mechanism? Who knows), anyway. I can’t find the spare.

What the probability that I can get a replacement key for an old car?

If so, how would I go about it?

Go to the Chevy dealership and give them your VIN, and probably 10 bucks or so.
You’ll get a brand new key.

Thanks for the advice! The search is on at a few local dealers. It’s now not so easy to find the template for this particular key as the car is so old.

I hope for success and will share any good or bad news.

That would be unusual. I can still get keys made for my 93 MR2. But if the dealership won’t help you, go to a locksmith.

Great news!!! A replacement key was found. Now all I have to do is get myself there…