Key broke in ignition

Hi. Help!! I have a '89 toyota corolla and I broke off the tip of the key in the cylinder. Chilton’s says to turn the key to accessory to remove the cylinder but if I use the remainder of the broken key or a new key, I can’t turn the ignition. What are my options? Thanks. Steve

Locksmiths have tools to remove broken keys. Otherwise, you might have to take the lock housing off, turn it upside down, use WD40, and tap the housing on a piece of wood to (maybe) get the piece to come out.

if you cant get the key to turn to start the engine (to take the car TO a locksmith) then call a locksmith. i had this done about 8 yrs ago i think it cost 75.00. but there was really no alternative.

i mean no practical alternative. i ain’t going to take apart the steering column to get at this.

Your local locksmith is the answer. I have been successful using a modified hacksaw blade (dad was a locksmith and did teach me a few tricks) but I doubt if I could get it out if only the tip was left in there. I am sure he could have however.

One thing I can remember is that the more keys you carry on your keychain and the more weight added to the cylinder could have a negative effect. I have heard of the cylindar itself breaking down due to the extra weight of too many keys.

I think the key removal tool goes down the little channel in the key. Try this: use a paper clip. Use a file to roughen the paper clip. Slide the paper clip down the side(s) of the broken key. Lift out.
If it works, tell us.