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Should I have a car in Brooklyn?

I’m moving from Atlanta (where a car is necessary) to Brooklyn (where it’s not). It would be nice to have my car there to escape to the wilderness and to visit family, but I am having trouble deciding if it’s worth it. Any advice? My car is a '95 Subaru Impreza wagon, if that helps any.

If you don’t have FREE SAFE to park the car then it’s NOT worth it. There really is no need to drive. The public transportation can get you anywhere you want to go cheaply and quickly.

Agree; a retired friend of mine lives in a major city wih excellent public trnasportation. They sold both of their cars, and take cabs in very bad weather, and rent a car to take trips to the country. They estimate saving $8000 per year net and do not have the theft/vandalism. risk.

Depends entirely on parking and storage. If you will have a place to park the car off the street that doesn’t cost anything, then I’d keep it. Otherwise, no.

Now, here’s a possible alternative. Do you have a friend or relative in a nearby, but less densely populated area of Long Island? If you can park it somewhere you can reach by train on the occasions that you need it, then that might work out, but mostly cars in NYC are a big headache and expense. I know people who live in NYC and none of them own a car. They either borrow or rent when they travel.

One more thing on parking…

Not sure on the prices in Brooklyn…but safe off street parking in Boston starts at about $500/mo. Some as high as $1500/mo.

I would keep the vehicle and see how much you need it. Three of four people I know in the area have a vehicle. Your older one is perfect for the area.

My son and his partner in San Francisco have seen no need to own a car in about five years. Maybe Brooklyn has good public transportation too.
…And, walk for the health of it , you’ll be glad you do.

Call your insurer and see what they could charge for the coverage you have now but in NYC. That might decide the issue with or without free off street parking. And if you pay for parking, expect it to cost as much as renting a small apartment.

My advice would be to rent a car for those forays to see family instead of owning one. You’ll save tons of money.