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Broken Fuel pressure test gauge

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between wet and dry pressure gauges.

I tripped at my shop and dropped my fuel pressure test gauge. I was looking on-line for replacements…just the gauge…but they don’t list them for liquids, or air pressure etc…

I’m under the impression that any gauge in the 0-100 range would be fine.


As long as the gauge uses a bourdon tube and not a diaphragm to measure pressure, it can be used to measure the pressures of gases and liquids.


If a gauge is properly connected and held above the source of pressure liquid shouldn’t enter the gauge. But what on your gauge is broken? The mechanical gauges are bourdon tube

and should take a beating without damage.

I dropped it and when I inspected it, the needle read just above the max pressure…I think it is 100#.

I thought that the needle just jumped over it’s stop post. I took the cover off and used my finger to rotate the needle clock wise enough and then slip it over it’s stop again.

When I hooked to my truck…which should read about 40# …it only rose to about ten # and it took at least a minute to rise that far. Nothing leaked!!!


Check your gauge with air pressure.And FWIW any gauge or sending unit can be tested with controlled air pressure. If your gauge measures 0 to 100psi connect it to 50psi and if the gauge indicates 50psi it’s working OK.

I will try using air pressure. Good idea @Rod_Knox !!!