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Broken door handle

I have a 2008 Ford Edge. Someone tried to break into my car. They somehow popped the driver side door handle. The entire thing was lying on the floor in two pieces. I never noticed there was a entrance for a key, however there is a whole for a key. How much will this cost to repair

I just had a Mazda MPV door handle replaced at my friendly auto body shop. $95 for the part (high for a door handle) and about $37 labor (.6 hrs). Call a couple of body shops and see what they say.

Mine was standard black and no paint match required. Your Edge may need a paint match. Check out your comprehensive coverage since it was vandalism.

I replaced a Geo door handle myself a few years ago. The part was $45 plus tax. Ford’s price will be different of course. Labor charge for you will be whatever the shop feels it can get away with. It should be around 1/2 hour’s time.