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Interior door handle for a Lincoln towncar

I have a 2007 Town car on which the a portion of the drivers side interior door handle has broken off. I went to the local Ford dealer to purchase a new handle, and almost had a heart attack when told the retail price was $840.00.

It seems that the door handle is in intricate part of the door skin.

As I can still open the door using two fingers, I do NOT want to spend $800.00, plus labor to fix this.

Any suggestions?

Used…wrecking yard…recycling center.

And, how strange…I’m reading the same info they told you and can’t believe my eyes.

I suspect the mechanism will be the same used on Crown Vics and Grand Marq’s …It sounds like they are trying to sell you the complete inside door-panel…In any case, a trip to the local salvage yard is in order…I just took a look at my 2005 Vic and that is indeed the case, the door latch handle is indeed part of the door panel…

My neighbor had a freak accident a few days ago and broke out her driver’s side door glass including the little “vent window” on her 1998 Buick LeSabre. Her insurance company refuses to pay for the glass replacement since it was her fault. I called around and found the main window glass for about $200 installed. The shocker came when they told her the “vent” glass was $900…installation extra. She called every salvage yard in the area and none are available. So far no leads on the glass.

Sometimes you can find a complete door cheaper than parts for a door…

All above great ideas. I had this problem on my Corolla. It was really a design problem from the get-go; the handle materials and dimensions just weren’t up to snuff for the intended use. I was able to super-glue and fix it as needed, but it would break again within a year or two, just from daily use. I finally decided to move the door handle from the rear door to the front, and put the super-glued version on the rear, which is less used. Eventually I expect it will break again, but for now it is working, and better because it is in the original config, and has never had to be super-glued. Worth considering for a Town Car if the handles front and back are the same and the rear seats aren’t used that much.

Now I remember why I didn’t like the Lincoln. Many moons ago I had a 73 Town Car that I bought used and cheap for the wife to commute to school in. It had a broken tail light lens though. I went to the dealer for one and they wanted somewhere aroung $75. And this was back in the late 70’s when that was a lot of money. I just used a lens kit on it instead. Everything on those cars was expensive.

That might be a good option…Remove both the front and rear door panels and see if you can’t, somehow, swap the handles from one to the other…If this is just beyond your ability (we understand) have a body shop do it for you. They make their living doing stuff like this and they are usually good at it…

I searched on CAR-PART.COM and found this.
Chuck & Eddie’s Used Auto Parts USA-CT(Plantsville) Request_Quote 860-628-9684 Request_Insurance_Quote
Call asap since these are few and far between.

@Missleman, check for a FRONT DOOR VENT GLASS for your friend’s Buick. There are dozens out there for $25 or less. They are kind of interseting to install. I had the parts puller at the salvage where I bought one a while back show me how he removed the used one. I’m not sure I could have figured out how to do it otherwise.