Broken Connecting Rod


I have a possible broken connecting rod in my engine, the car starts and idles but there is a hideous knocking sound in the lower enging, how much would it be to fix it or would i be better off getting a new engine? my car is a 2001 Ford Focus with about 80,000 miles on it


The estimate can vary wildly and without a teardown and inspection it’s near impossible to guess.

It’s possible a reground crankshaft and bearing set could fix it or it may need an entire new engine.
Much depends on if you bought the car new/used, how regular are the oil changes, any overheating spells, etc.
If the engine is knocking this badly with only 80k miles then that generally points to a driver caused problem; lack of reg. oil changes, running the engine low or out of oil, etc.


It may be about to be thrown. At his point, your looking at a new engine or a rebuild.


What year is it? You might be best off if you can find an engine in a low-mileage wreck. There are quite a few Foci out there so there must be quite a few dead ones. Until you check, you never know what the market price of a used engine is going to be.


Until you have a real mechanic look/listen to your car, you are just guessing as what is wrong with it…


I agree. Get a real diagnosis not a guess. It could be something simple like an alternator.