Broken air recirculator selector switch

2003 Mazda 6i. The switch isn’t just broken, it’s missing, popped off somewhere. I think the switch was also electro-capacitive in some way? But it is stuck on the fresh air selection, and I don’t seem to be able to change it.

Without taking apart the console to get to the switch wiring, and without paying someone to do it since I am on fixed income, is there some way to send a command to the computer to switch it to recirculation mode? Or is there some relay or circuit i could jump that would change the mode?

Our cars both turn on recirculate automatically, and I turn it off automatically. Old school I guess, but for an 03 probably not worth worrying about imhop.

I would not worry about that . I can’t even remember the last time I used recirculate . As long as the air is cold just drive on .

On my car, it goes into recirculate mode automatically if the ambient air temperature warrants it. I usually switch it back to “fresh” air once the car cools down, but in yesterday’s “feels like” 105 degrees, I kept it on recirculate for my entire drive in order to get colder air. Even when I switch it back to “fresh” if I am approaching a smoke-belching diesel truck, I switch it back to recirculate until I have passed the truck.