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Bringing back the idea of mechanic appriciation day!

is there seriously a day when all grease monkeys get a little extra love and attention for all their very hard and dirty work? there should be. really! love em, all of em!!!

And you created a profile on this forum just so you could say that? Also I find the term “grease monkey” degrading. Show some extra love to automotive technicians, auto techs, or at least mechanics, by not calling them grease monkeys.

All things being said wasn’t brownies for mechanics on this weeks show? I am in and out and usually get pbr ads and half a question, no I don’t do podcasts, but have my specialized mechanics for most areas of common maintenance, I don’t expect extra love and attention for doing my job right, why should I expect anyone else should. Sure it is a sweet thought but fluff in the radiator imho.

awww see, my bad. did you miss all the love in that message? its just a difference of perspective really, i quite like the term myself but hey, to each his own. AND i googled up mechanic appreciation day and cartalk is what i found (and happen to listen to and LOVE) so yep, set up a forum. we have all types of nonsense, hallmark kind of holidays so don’t lose your sense of humor here…um, no offense again; teasing… :wink: BUT, i really do have nothin but love…so what was it you thought about a dedicated day? you know, for us non-mechanical types. :slight_smile:

awww shoot, couldn’t post. I’ll take the time to say it again, I jest love me some mechanics! we walk with sleepers and so i do like the sweet idea of gentle reminders to appriciate. people round my parts seem to have forgotten the ‘why you shouldn’t expect’ and ‘hard work’ values of livin so… besides, yall look soo good doin what you do! :wink:

this thingy skips. :wink: Just wanted to say i make some dang good brownies and i’m doin it. maybe you’ll get lucky and live in my neck of the woods! be well!

Shouldn’t that be


With all these posts about the high price of repairs and the moaning about wanting diagnoses for free, work for free, etc. I think that we ought to re-assert that mechanics are paid by time, most times by flat rate ( price paid for a job done ) and “mechanic’s appreciation” would be to actually pay them once in a while.

COOL, we’ve got a groupie… I had a groupie once, at the dealership. I rebuilt her moms transmission on her truck. Then rebuilt her transmission on her Accord. She used to bring me lunch, and I’m not talking about sandwiches either. She brought full course MEALS. Roast, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans…She went away to college then started a career out of state. We still talk…


YES! see? awww, now i’m feelin the love. haha. i’ll be that groupie for sure! well, when it comes to gangs of hard workin men anyways. :wink: haha. i thought my posting was gonna eat me alive, ha, nice to see some easy goin return loves. haha. yeah buddy. i have 2 very good mechanics (for different things) and i show em both love (with food and money ken green) so word em up! way to feel the love transman!

Checkout September 3, they must think mechanics deserve a special day