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Break parts and roaders


The story first:

I took my Honda, the Greenbean, to Firestone this weekend asking for them to check out a grinding in the back breaks.

On the driver side they showed me the roader and said the metal brace (thin metal part that looked like a butterfly) inside the break had warped due to heat or use and had bent and was gringing into the outside edge only of the roader. The break pads and other roaders were fine.

My question is, does this normally happen? Out of all the cars I’ve owned this has never happened before.

Additionally, I was told by another garage that the roaders have glazing on them. What does this mean? I just had a full front break job in March I don’t see how those would be going bad already.

Thanks for your time.


Ms. Robbie

Without seeing the deformed part, it’s hard to tell exactly what part it is and what happened to it. If it’s the caliper mounting bracket, a failure is a very rare event. One possibility is a foreign object got between the wheel and brake, jammed, and bent the bracket. You would have noticed that…The other possibility is one of the mounting bolts came loose allowing the bracket to jam into the rotor. Again, these are rare events. Did this grinding sound start instantly or did it come on slowly, getting worse and worse?? A good brake mechanic should have some explanation of what happened…

As for the “glazing,” that’s the normal condition of rotors that have been in service for a while. As long as the brakes don’t squeak or squeal it’s nothing to worry about…

It seems normal and if they bent it out of the way it’s good. You never know what you will find under a car. There is a surprise every week. Glazing is not a problem to me and sandpaper fixes it. Things are only bad if they don’t work right.

Hello and thank your for the reply.

The part is the Anti Rattle Spring for the driver rear brake.

I think it happened recently because I had my breaks checked within the past six months and did not see the scuffed spot on the rotor at that time.

The second shop that I took it to (the one that mentioned the glazing) didn?t even address the scuffed spot and suggested that I have ALL rotors resurfaced for over $300. They even charged me $25 to look at the car. I thought that was ridiculous and decided that they were trying to take advantage of me.

I am a female and little do they know I am an informed consumer. The wool won?t be pulled over my eyes not if I can help it anyway!

Well anyway, thanks again for your reply.


I suspect the part you’re referring to was the dust shield that protects the rotor and caliper from road debris. It is not uncommon to find one bent, and yes they can rub on the rotor and make noise when they are.

Glazing is shiny areas on the surface(s) of the rotor. If the brakes are stopping well, evenly and properly, then your rotors are fine. Someone was trying to remove deposits from your bank account.

By the way, I’d like to compliment both you for getting the noise checkedout and the Firestone shop for (a) being honest about the real cause of the noise (a dishonest shop could have made a bundle on this one) and (b) actually showing you the problem. You both deserve recognition.