Wonky breaking

I drive a 1994 Honda Accord EX, with just shy of 170k miles.

The brakes (rotors and pads) were replaced 20-30k miles ago.

Some time after (maybe about 6 months) I began experiencing odd behavior from my brakes. At first it felt like they weren’t all grabbing at the same time. Over time this developed into a somewhat scary vibration when braking at high speed and a little bit of a wobble at low speed.

Everyone said this was the rotors, so i had the rotors resurfaced (2-5000 miles ago) and the pads checked - ok.

The car still had a shimmy though - everyone said this was the tires, and I had them replaced less than 1k miles ago (after blowing one on a curb dodging a Boston driver who was exiting the Fresh Pond rotary from the left lane).

The worst of the vibration is gone, but they still make noise. Sometimes it’s a periodic grinding, like my rotors are still uneven, sometimes it’s a clicking sound like when there’s a stone in your tire (but only while breaking), sometimes it’s a squeaking like the couple upstairs having a better night than you are, and sometimes it’s just a pop or sproing like a cable that’s too tight releasing tension.

The (new) mechanic says my calipers look fine, though he did mention they were sticking when he did the rotors and he lubed them.

It does seem the problem is located in one wheel, but due to the acoustic properties of my car and open windows, it’s hard to localize exactly which one, though I suspect the front driver’s side.

So are my rotors still warped? Do i have a wheel bearing problem? Do i just need to get my calipers lubed regularly? Is there some other problem me, my mechanic, or my brother haven’t thought of? (My brother thinks I just drive too hard on the brakes…)