Break indicator light comes on

I have a 1994 toyota camery 6 cyl xle

my dash break indicator light comes on stays on for a little bit then goes off. i have my overdrive light flashing on and off to.

I would guess you will find some error codes stored in your car’s computer. You need to have the codes read. Some places will read them for FREE. Try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. Get the exact code (like P0123) not just their translation into English and post it back here.

The owner’s manual may be helpful explaining those lights. The brake light may be a normal check. The OD light is not normal and likely indicating a fault.

Whether you are driving a CAMRY (or even a Camery), the BRAKE indicator light may very likely indicate that your BRAKE fluid is low. If I were you, I would check this before driving the car again. If it is low, refill it with the type of fluid indicated in your Owner’s Manual. Bear in mind that low fluid results from either a leak in the BRAKE hydraulic system or (more likely) badly worn BRAKE pads. In either case, your BRAKE system will need the attention of a qualified mechanic.

As to the blinking overdrive light, on most cars, this indicates an electronic fault in the transmission which can lead to more expensive mechanical problems in the transmission if not tended to quickly. But, since the flashing overdrive light on your CAMRY might possibly indicate something else, I would suggest consulting the ultimate authority on this topic, namely the same book that you should consult regarding BRAKE fluid–the Owner’s Manual. I would be very surprised if the Owner’s Manual did not explain the meaning of a flashing overdrive indicator light.

Thanks for the proper spelling of camry, checked the manual for the overdrive no luck dont need a certified mechanic to work on it just need a responce on how to fix it by somebody that may have had the problem. Stick to the english major seems thats all u know!!!

VDC gave you three things to check.

all really relevant things to check. it appears that you have not checked them, since your response does not relate to any of them. without follow ups, to find more answers to the responses how can ANY one help??

look in the manual again for info on the OD light. its there. (it has to be, thats what the troubleshooting section is for) the next stop would be to google search this. i am sure that is in your realm of possibilities too. the distinction between the OD light flashing, vs. it being ON the whole time is important. this should be in the manual also.

and last but never least… is the check engine light on? if it is have the codes read, and post them back here. not the interpretation of them, but the actual code #'s. they would be in the form of P0123.

Haynes Repair Manual #92006, chapter 7, section 10 covers the O/D indicator light and how to check it.
There are, also, instructions on how to jumper the diagnostic connector to get the diagnostic trouble codes.

Many public libraries have automotive repair Web sites. They have, ARRC (Automotive Repair Reference Center), etc., free.

Nice way to reply to someone giving solid advise. Most Japanese makes, and now a lot of domestic cars and trucks have a sensor to light up the brake light when the fluid is low. If the fluid is just at the sensor trigger point, it will go on and off as the level bounces around when the car is moving. The OD light flashing is telling you there is a problem with the transmission. Get it checked, preferably at a reputable transmission shop. Don’t delay any longer. It could be a cheap fix that will get expensive if ignored.


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