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Brand New 2011 Ford Fiesta Rattle - A Problem?

So I just started leasing a 2011 Ford Fiesta, with an automatic transmission, which as I’m told is actually an automated manual. In any case, from day one the car has had a terrible rattle coming from the driver’s side of the vehicle, which occurs essentially when going up hills, starting from a stop, and basically between shifting.

I looked it up online, and found some articles talking about Ford replacing transmissions, and some other similar complaints. When I took it in to the dealer, since I felt that it’s ridiculous that a brand new car should have any rattle at all, they said they had to update the software for the transmission, and that that may help. Now, over a month later, it still rattles quite a bit.

My question is, how normal is this? Is there any information about the Fiesta’s transmission or other parts that say it rattles, but that it’s not something to worry about? I was told at the dealership that due to the type of transmission it is, it would rattle occasionally, and that it should improve as the computer learns my driving style. I just think it’s absurd that I should hear such a noise, which is clearly not what I would call normal engine noise.

I have to note that this is also only my second car, and I have had very little experience driving American cars, since most of my life I’ve driven exclusively Japanese cars. I don’t know if it is just normal engine noise for a Fiesta, or if it’s something to bug the dealership to get fixed while it’s still under warrantee.

If anyone knows anything about this, any information or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

describe the rattle. It could be a loose body panel or heat shield or something as well.

Either way, you’re right. It’s brand new. It shouldn’t rattle.

It’s like a loose piece is rattling around inside. I’m trying to think of a good description. It’s almost like you put a rock inside a small can and shake it, or perhaps more like you put the rock on top of something with an engine in it, and you can hear it bouncing around on top before it falls off. Except you hear it through the engine and into the cabin.

it could just be a small rock stuck inside the brake shield. Check the shield where it’s rattling and give it a good shake, but not enough to bend the shield.

I had a similar rattle when I turned off one road onto another and dipped the right rear tire into the gravel. Heard a nasty metallic rattle and thought I may have damaged something; it got louder the faster I went. I parked the car at work and started looking, but couldn’t find anything. Go to leave work and the rattle was gone, but a nice metallic scarping noise was heard as I moved the car. Parked it again and started messing with the caliper and shield, trying to feel for something loose. Couldn’t find anything, so I decided to try moving again, sound was gone.
I’m pretty sure I just kicked up a stone into the shield.

This is simple.

Take your brand new Fiesta back to the dealer and ask to drive another new Fiesta off the lot. If that Fiesta doesn’t make the noise then there’s a problem with your new Fiesta.


This is why new cars come with warranties. It should not rattle. At all. Keep taking it back until they fix it.

Please note; almost everyone who has reviewed the Fiesta and the new Focus have complained about strange noises coming from the automated manual transmissions in these vehicles.

I hope Ford comes up with a fix for this soon, otherwise sales will plummet as the word gets around.

There is a known issue that the auto-manual Fiesta drives poorly at slower speeds. I think software updates exist or transmission replacement. Its almost like an inexperienced manual transmission driver who is in too high of a gear.

Ford is learning about the auto-manual transmission with the Fiesta in the US. Its not a great transmission like VW, Porsche, BMW and other others use.

Be happy your leasing it.