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Rattling sound after transmission rebuild

So i got my transmission rebuilt cause it blew, and i just got it back today only to find that when i am in drive and stopped, my passenger side front fender rattles atlot. then when i accelerate, it stops and sounds fine. Does anyone have any idea as to why this would be happening? Im taking it back to the shop next week, but if something does get suggested, ill look into it myself and see what i can about it if its a relatively easy fix. Thanks!

If something’s going to rattle, when in drive and your foot on the brakes is when it will do it usually. The engine is trying to make the car move, but your brakes are trying to make it not move. It’s the unstoppable force vs the immovable object problem, and the rattling is the car complaining. One idea, when stopped at a light, shift to neutral. That’s what I do to solve idle rattling in my truck.

In your case the cause may be the under-fender liner might be loose. They probably had to remove it to replace the transmission, and might not of properly re-fastened it. There are some heat shields for the exhaust system that can mimic this symptom too, so ask your mechanic to check all the heat shields while they have the car on the lift.

Open the hood, and check to see if someone left a tool sitting under the hood.


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And a lot of tools that are found aren’t cheap!


and doesn’t the warranty for breaking it still apply even if you didn’t buy it originally???