Braking problems

I have a 2001 Grand Caravan. I got new rotors, pads, and drums last year. Since then the brake light comes on on and off. Sometimes, it would appear that it is not going to brake and I would hear a grinding noise and then it will brake and will be fine for sometime. This problem has been increasing in frequency. I have got it checked from 2 mechanics. They say that all parts look new. One recommended the change of rotors again. I think if rotors are a problem wouldn’t the problem be there all the time?

Have they verified ABS computer is OK? Does the brake pedal remain steady when the brake light goes on and off? No solutions here but trying to get more info about what has been inspected and verified. Pls better define “not going to brake” – good pedal pressure but no stopping action? bad pedal pressure; not stopping?

The ABM light has been on for 3 years now and I have got it checked twice and they say it is just a problem with computer, no real problem with ABS system.
By “not going to brake”, I mean there is a bad pedal pressure and I hear a grinding noise and it is slow to stop. But then suddenly everything is fine for x amount of time.

Well anytime the light is on you don’t have ABS. However your regular system should not be related. It sounds like you have two problems and since most people believe that brakes are a rather important part of a car, I suggest you find someone who can fix both problems. Three years???