ABS light coming on



I have a 2005 Chev. Venture van. ABS light comes on and stays on, brake pedal pulsates under my foot. Garage guy said I needed new wheel bearings and installed them, cost me $500. less than 1 week later same thing happens. Took it to another garage for second opinion, they ran computer check, confirmed what he did and the cost. Cleared computer codes for me, but a few days later symptoms came back. Took it back to original mechanic who drove it, said there was no problem with it but that HE cleared the codes so that’s all it was. 4 days later, pedal begins pulsating again and in 2 days the ABS light comes on again. As I write this it is back in his shop because I want to get my $500 money’s worth. This morning he told my husband it was the rotors and he would fix it. Does this guy have any idea what he is talking about, let alone what he is doing to my car?


The symptom is the same isn’t it, a pulsating brake pedal? Inspection of the brake rotors will quickly reveal if they are warped. A heavy breaking foot is a prime cause of warped brake rotors. This affect could be lessened by a creeping stop, afterwards. This gives the brake rotors opportunity to cool evenly and (hopefully) not to warp. [ I know, no one has a heavy foot!].


That CEL (check Engine Light) Is Just A Kid In Class Waving Her Hand Trying To Get You Attention Because She Has The Answer. You Need To Have The Codes Read. Some Places Will Read Them For FREE. Try Autozone Or Advanced Auto Parts. Get The Exact Code Not Just Their Translation Into English And Post It Back Here. It Likely Will Have A Format Like P1234.