Brakes stutter when applied

My 2005 Buick LeSabre (70,000+ miles) feels like it is stuttering/chattering/not sure how to describe this, but it is not a smooth reduction in speed and is concerning me. Seems to occur at speeds 30mph & higher. I’ve had the brakes checked in the past but not recently, have new tires and since I’m taking a cross country trip soon will have this checked but would like any input I can get on what this might be.

More than likely the stutter is caused from warped disc brake rotors. I see a front brake job being performed before you embark on this trip.


Improperly functioning calipers could also be part of the problem, a decent brake guy will get you in tip top shape in no time.

Thanks-I see in my records that I did have the rotors resurfaced in Aug. last year. I assume this is a more intensive fix?

I would probably figure new rotors and pads a minimum, an additional suggestion is a brake fluid change. You may find the inside and outside pads are wearing differently so make sure they check both.