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Shaky brakes

I have recently noticed that if I am driving at speeds above 40 mph and apply the brakes, the car (including the steering wheel) seems to buck/shake. I’ve learned to ease off the gas and let the speed drop before applying the brakes-- this seems to help, but I’m concerned about what is going on.

Any thoughts on what’s happneing, and how much it might cost to have fixed?

Thanks for reading!

oh, and this is an '07 Nissan Versa…

Sounds like you have a warped brake disc. Since we have no idea what vehicle you have, it could be anywhere from $50 to $200.

Does it shake when moving, or just braking? If it shakes all the time, then it could be tire balance.

lol…ok, thanks.

Replacement rotors are in the area of $50 each. Your best bet would be to have the entire front brakes serviced (and a check of the rear). New pads and discs, both sides. Pads are anywhere from $20 to $55 for a set. Midrange would probably serve you well.

If you brake hard, a lot, then you’re going to want to go higher end on the parts. That or stop braking really hard.

I agree. It’s warped rotors. Since the steering wheel shakes too, it’s the front rotors. Have them replaced, NOT “turned” or “Resurfaced,” because that just shaves metal off to make them smooth again, which works fine for awhile, but now that they’re thinner, they warp faster. More economical to just have new ones put on.

If there’s a caliper sticking, causing everything to heat up, and that’s why your disc warped, then you may also need a new caliper. A DIY’er can often rebuild them, but you don’t want to pay a mechanic to do it…it’s not worth it. A caliper is ~$50.

Total, if everything is messed up: 2 Discs = $100, pads = $50, 2 calipers = $100, so $250 in parts, miscellaneous shop supplies and brake fluid, another $25 or so, somewhere in the region of $350 to put it all right. Give or take. Depends on the mechanic, really.

Good luck,

Thanks very much!

Most of the time a problem like this is warped brake rotors. Keep in mind that there are other things that can cause a brake shudder or pulsation.
(Loose wheel bearing, worn suspension component, etc.)

Hopefully a mechanic will check the rotors first before just assuming that is the cause of the problem. (Odds are it is the cause. Just pointing out a what-if possibility here.)