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Brakes Question

I recently had my front brakes replaced on my 93 Ranger Xtend Cab 4x4, and now it feels as if my brakes are worse. Also when I feel my driver’s rear tire rim, its hot after I stop the car. There’s plenty of fluid, but it seems as if I don’t. Any ideas?

Did they bleed the brakes?? If there’s air in the line the brakes won’t feel right.

Sounds like the rear brakes were your problem in the first place? Though, after signifigent braking, they do heat up from the friction. I’m not sure what you mean by the brakes “are worse” that could mean nearly anything. Did you break in the new brake pads?

Take your truck to a shop, and ask them to flush the brake fluid.
Also, did you have OEM brake pads and rotors installed, or did you go to one of those places that advertises $50 Lifetime brakes?

If you have $50 lifetime brakes, they are not going to provide the same braking performance as OEM pads would have.


Do you use the park brake on a regular basis?
If not, maybe the shop set the park brake at some point and the problem is caused by a park brake cable that is hanging up due to non-use.
(assuming this rear wheel is hotter than what could be considered normal)

You might try raising the rear wheels off the ground to see if that wheel rotates freely with the park brake off.