Brakes-parking break is off but rear left seems to be locked up

I drove my daughter’s 2003 Corolla Thursday, it stayed in the basement Friday, and today (Saturday) tried to drive it. Even though I have disengaged the parking brake it seems to be locked on. Going forward or reverse is near impossible. Overnight low was 30 degrees- warmer in the basement. There was a miderate to heavy rain when the car was driven Thursday, but not though any significant standing water.

How do you know it’s the left rear wheel?

If the car was parked indoors it’s unlikely freezing is the problem. Not impossible, but unlikely.

for a 2003 lots of grime and rust can build up on the parking brake cables. Check there is no tension on the cable after release, if the cable to the wheel has slack and still the car exhibits the problem it would not be a big dollar repair to get things loosened up. Sometimes brakes can rust to lock point and a few forward reverse tries can break then free. Something is stuck somewhere and not seeing the car in person only can offer best guess.

With the car in park, move the cable around until it loosens up. Don’t go crazy with it because it’s possible to kink it.