Brakes need to be changed

That seems unsafe. If you hit the rotor the bullet is likely to ricochet and who knows where it might end up. Well, the shooter might know it it hits him or a friend.

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If the rotor is hung from a string there is little to no likelihood of that. Especially using flat nose unjacketed rounds. The energy gets all used up moving the rotor and flattening the bullet.

Besides, NO one should be down range or even close to the sides. That would be unsafe.

That is very unsafe anyone who would do that should never be allowed to have a firearm.

lol… That doesn’t begin to touch the crap, I mean tools and what not, that I have… The custom Table top is 1/2 thick steel plate and the legs are 3/8 angle iron, you can hit it with a sledge hammer and not hurt it… Very heavy and hard to move… lol

I cannot even estimate how many brake jobs I have done.

I have been doing mine and my family and friends brakes for a long, long time and we do a lot more brake jobs here
than almost anyplace else because we carpet bomb our roads to bare pavement with salt and other more corrosive chemicals all our long winters.

The resulting rust eats up our pads rotors, brake hardware, and calipers.

I have noticed almost no correlation in life or performance between factory pads and rotors and different price levels of aftermarket parts. The first tome I replaced the pads and rotors on my 2012 Camry I used genuine Toyota parts from the dealer. The $62 front axle set of pads and rotors from eBay branded Detroit Axle have lasted longer than the Toyota, Bendix, Wagner, or Wearever Gold, pads and rotors.

I have never bough performance brake parts, except once in 59 or 60 when I bought Grey Rock shoes all around for my 56 Desoto and later for ,y 61 Dodge Dart Phoenix but I needed great parts then because of the way I drove.

I do not know any job a DIY can do on a car that saves so much money for so little work as brake jobs and I don’t hurry, everything gets cleaned and lubed and all hardware replaced.

@keith I ended up ordering a set of 4 brake pads and 4 rotors. My mechanic is going to do the work this weekend. I mean I just hope I don’t regret buying all that if they didn’t actually need to be changed.

Don’t they write on the report the brake pad thickness? Rotor thickness?

If you have 5 millimeters of brake pad remaining, you could have enough for a year of driving.

You only need two rotors, the rear brakes are drums. Who did you order them from? Did you make a mistake in your first post, i.e. the car is an EX model instead of LX or it is a 2014 instead of a 2004? Those do have rear disc brakes.

@keith it’s a 2004 Honda Accord LX… And I ordered it from A1. It was a package deal and it came with 4 of each item. 4 pads and 4 rotors

@Nevada_545 yes I do have the invoice but it just has a note that says brakes all low

That is rather vague. Since you plan to replace the car in the next 5 months, sounds like the next owner will receive the car with new brakes.

Business is slow right now, many of my younger coworkers are recommending customers replace their brakes with 5 mm of pad remaining.

If you are getting four rotors you will need 8 brake pads, not 4. Two for each rotor.

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I expect OP was referring to purchasing 4 sets of brake pads.

There are 4 brake pads in each box, how many pads in a set?

Haven’t purchased brake pads in years, but seem to recall they came 2 pads per box, and they gave me 2 boxes. But maybe they came in one big box, don’t recall. In any event, a brake job requires 2 pads per rotor on most cars, or at least on my Corolla & prior VW Rabbit.

Part Details

Brake Pad Bonding Type: Premium Posi
Wheel Lug Count: 5 Lug
Rear Brake Rotor Venting Type: Solid
Brake Pad Friction Material: Ceramic
Rear Brake Rotor Diameter: 10.23 in. (260mm)
Kit Includes:
(1) Front Ceramic Brake Pad Set with Contact Point Grease & Hardware
(2) Front Brake Rotors
(2) Rear Brake Rotors
(1) Rear Ceramic Brake Pad Set with Contact Point Grease & Hardware

That’s the description. I did notice a review said the rear is a drum not a rotor and they need to update it, as they shipped incorrectly for his 07 Honda Accord. Honestly I think I will probably keep this car for one more year because I plan to do some traveling and possibly move out of state. If anything I can just return them and just leave on my old ones I can just drive a little more carefully. I mean Im not sure how to tell if they are super low but they feel fine when I stop.

The earliest responses you got were probably the best. Front brakes almost always wear faster than rears. Whether the car is front or rear wheel drive doesn’t matter. Changing the brakes just on the drive wheels, therefore, doesn’t make sense, and after 160K miles it wouldn’t be surprising if all four wheels needed brakes. Find someone you trust to take care of this for you. Doing brakes is a dangerous place to start teaching yourself mechanics.

@mdixter yeah I got my mechanic to do them. He’s pretty damn good

Sorry George, in the thousands plus boxes I have ever seen in my carrier, brake pads and shoes have always come 4 to a box, with 4 pads or 4 shoes depending… Now I rarely buy online, and almost always from auto parts places. And I don’t live where you do and I know Cali does things a little differently then the other 49 states sometimes so I guess anything is possible, but I have never seen it…
Now I know you are cheap and probably would only replace one wheel at a time, so maybe you are thinking about that…


How Many Brake Pads Are In a Set?

A set of brake pads is either two or four brake pads – Two brake pads are needed for each wheel, but some manufacturers include a set of four brake pads in a box. This is enough for changing both right and left brake pads on either a car’s front or back wheels.