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Brakes indicator

I changed the brake rotors and pads along with the short axle now I have a ABS light and TCS light on.

I would look at the axle you put in. On the outboard joint there should be a ring with little teeth on it. The teeth are part of the sensor system to measure the wheel speed. Both the ABS & TCS rely on info from the wheel speed sensor to function. I have quite a few stories of bad “new” axles - one of those involves having to have the same “new” axle replaced 3 times for bad teeth on the ring.

The other thing to check is the sensor itself - probably a little magnet on the end of a wire mounted to sit right at the axle teeth. You would have needed to disturb it to do the axle and maybe also the brakes. It may have not gone back on properly or had the wire messed up or something else.