Brakes / hubs

2002 Mitsubishi Montero

114,000 miles

40% front brakes, loose hubs

Should I wait to replace brakes / tighten hubs at same time or tighten hubs now, new brakes later?

I vote tighten the hubs now so so the bearings are supported. Otherwise hitting sharp bumps may dent the races or flatspot the roller bearings.

Yup, I agree. Even if the bearings don’t get trashed, I can see nothing good about driving around on loose hubs.

Thanks for your advice. One more question: at what % should I think about replacing the brakes? One shop said now; another has said to wait for a bit. What say you??

Wait. 40% is plenty left.

My memory could be failing (Mike?), but I believe NH requires a minimum 3/32" thickness at all points. If your state has a safety inspection, any station can tell you what’s considered an unsafe thickness.