Brakes? Huh?



Can anyone give me some advice on how to tell when I might need new brakes. I am driving a 2004 Huyndai Elantra with 69,000 miles with original brakes.

Also, right now my brakes are pulsating when I press the brake pedal down. What could this be?


People in NH usually find out at their annual safety inspection…or when the brakes no longer stop smoothly or quietly.

The pulsating is probably from warped rotors. Time to get the brakes checked…and probably done!


The pulsations are a clear symptom of warped brake rotors. This nuisance is all too common on modern cars. The only reliable cure is to replace the offending rotors. (Even if only one is bad, it is recommended you replace rotors in pairs.) The shop that does the work will most certainly install all new brake pads as well. Then you should be good to go for another 69,000 miles.


Unless you lie on the highway, your brakes are long gone. Or really overdue for an expensive repair.


69K on originals? For sure you’re overdue.

One point though: ensure the stud nuts are torqued to specs when they remount the wheels or those new rotors will warp.

How did you miss the wear pad tab screeching as the pads wore out?


If you “lie on the highway” it’s the OTHER people’s brakes you need to worry about!

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I forgot to add: If you are the original owner of this vehicle (you may not be) how did you miss hearing the brake pad wear indicators screeching when the pads wore down?

If you aren’t the original owner, the seller should have told you the pads were worn out. This is a safety issue.


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I had the brakes checked a couple 2 or 3 thousand miles ago and the shop said they were fine.

I have not heard any screeching.


Chances are they checked the pad thickness but did not check lateral runout of the disc surfaces. I’d suggest you tell them the symptoms you’re experiencing and let them diagnose from there. You could have warped discs without having worn out ppads.


Thanks for all the info folks


I put 138k on my last set of brakes, it all depends on how and where you drive, and the vehicle. As for the pulsing, do a couple of hard stops from 60+ (in a safe area). Don’t lock up the wheels, but just shy of that. It cures the pulsing most of the time.


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