Brakes are a joke. help!

My driver side brake keeps trying to lock up and then my brakes get really hot. How do I get them to let go while driving?

You might have a stuck caliper or a brake line that’s collapsing internally. How old is this mystery vehicle?

You need some serious attention and repair to your brake system.

At the very least, it sounds like the brake calipers on the driver’s side need to be replaced, but you should probably replace all of them at the same time, as they are likely all of the same age. Additionally, if your brakes have gotten, “really hot”, you need to change the brake fluid, and you may even need to replace a rotor or two.

It is very possible that this situation could have been avoided by changing the brake fluid every 3 years.
How old is this mystery vehicle, and how often has the brake fluid been changed?

If you don’t currently have the money for diagnosis & repair of this major safety-related problem, the car needs to be parked until such time as you can afford to do the repairs properly.

+1 Don’t drive that thing until you get the brakes fixed!!