2001 toyota

I have just put new calipers, rotors and brake pads on mt 2001 toyota, the brakes work wonderful, but after 15 minutes of driving they are very hot the wheels are even to hot to touch. I have bled them several times with no results.I thought I knew what I was doing as I have put brakes on many cars. Any suggestions would help.

Well, the brakes do get hot when you drive. The question is how much braking have you done in 15 mins and how hot is hot? Is it possible that you are just being overly vigilant since you just changed the brakes? And thus you are thinking of something normal but usually not noticed as a problem?

But assuming that the brakes are dragging & getting too hot:
Why did you replace the calipers? Did you check the slides to make sure they are greased and functioning? It is possible that the “new” calipers are a problem. Are they new or remans?

If the brakes are dragging it is possible that you need to replace the flexible front lines. They can degrade internally and not allow pressure to release as they should.

Bleeding won’t help.

They get hot even if I do not use them, very hot (ouch).I can put car in neutral and it will roll very easily but if I jack it up I cannot turn wheel by hand. I replaced calipers (reman.) because this was the problem to start with . The brake line idea is a possbility, thank you

Where’d you get the calipers?
Some aftermarket rebuilds are junk.

I am beginning to think along the same lines as you circuitsmith.I went thru returning 4 starters b4 they just gave me my money back so I would just go away.