Brakepads replaced now strange brake behavior

I have an 03 mondeo, after front brake pad replacement the ABS system doesnt work, the light comes on at startup then doesnt come on at all after that even if i lock up the wheels and the same thing woth the handbrake light, if i pull the handbrake the light stays off

What did your mechanic say/do when you brought the car back to him and reported the problem?

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Happened about a week later and they said that since it didnt happen strait away its probably something else that broke

Ask the mechanic if they opened the bleeder screws on the calipers prior to pushing the pistons back into the calipers.



They cant remember but brake fluid was noticeably lower after change, just above min line, but i did refill it with the propper fluid to max line again. So i guess they did. Also the handbrake barely works now even when pulled to max

Take it back to the brake shop and explain the problems you are having. They’ve likely encountered all these problems before and will know how to solve them. The parking brake probably just needs some minor adjustment. The ABS problem may be more difficult to solve. ABS system sometimes requires specialized bleeding procedures after hydraulic system is opened up. May require a pro-level scan tool.

I’m guessing this shop is part of a national chain, right? If so might want to consider switching this sort of work to a well-recommended local independent auto shop. Ask friends, relatives, co-worker who they use.

I took it to a local shop not a big chain/manufacturer shop and im due to move pretty far away in a few days so taking it back in is kinda not an option and its not bothering me much just looking for a way to sort out the park brake light more than anything

If you can lock up a wheel, your ABS is not working.

A Mondeo is not sold here in the US. I don’t know if it has rear drum or rear disc brakes.

If it has rear drums and they need adjustment, that will cause a low brake pedal.

If they have rear discs, the brake rotors on the rear have small drums cast into the rear of the rotor and either those shoes or the emergency brake cable need adjustment or repair.

The worst scenario is that crud got forced back into the ABS control unit and that is causing the problem, in which case you need expert help.

I don’t think much of a shop that would give you back a car with low brake fluid even if none of the other symptoms had appeared yet.

Discs on all 4 wheels and the way to open the front to get to the fluids is bass ackwards took me about 30 minutes to figure it out even with video tutorials

Anyway to delay your move? I would not want to drive one mile with faulty brakes.


No way to delay also brakes are fine mostly its just the ABS being broken and ive already driven 1100 or so miles since then

Make sure you didn’t damage a wheel speed sensor, or a wire to it.