Brake warning lite

2001 olds alero brake warning lite is on replaced switch at master cylinder bleed brakes + replaced rear pads help…


Is it equipped with anti-lock brakes? If so, that’s where to look. The light tells you you no longer have that feature. If it does NOT have anti lock, then the proportioning valve needs to be “centered” or the brake fluid leak found and corrected…When did the light come on? When you were driving or when you were bleeding the brakes?

b 4 i did any work on it yes it does have antilock brakes

Troubleshooting anti-lock brakes is a job for experts. The DIY approach, buying expensive parts and hoping the light goes out, is NOT the way to go…

You CAN check each wheel to make sure the lock-up sensor is not damaged or disconnected.

Is it the ‘ABS’ light? This means a problem with the ABS system has been detected, and the ABS system is disabled. A qualified technician needs to scan and fix this problem.

Is it the ‘BRAKE’ light? This can be caused by a few problems. Check the brake fluid level. The light will go on if low. Check the parking brake. If it is not fully released, the light will go on. If the switch on the parking brake is broken or mis-aligned, it will go on.

Is it the tail light indicator? This may go on even if you do not have a blown bulb. If there is corrosion around a bulb, and the resistance in the circuit is high enough, the sensor will believe a bulb is blown.

brake lite tried finding praking brake switch but that seems to be very well hidden

The ABS light isn’t on? It should be.

If there’s a problem with the primary brake system that causes the brake warning light to come on, the ABS light should come on automatically. That’s because the ABS won’t function unless the primary brake system is working properly, so it turns on the ABS light to warn you of this.

Go out and turn the ignition switch to the run position to make sure the ABS warning light is working.


abs lite goes out might rebleed brakes again