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Brake Warning Light 99 Taurus

I just replaced the rear calipers on my wife’s Taurus wagon (old ones were siexed) and bled the breaks as normal, but now the brake warning light is on and staying on. At first I thought it was the parking break, but it seems to work fine, (Tried setting the parking break while in motion and the car slowed quickly.)

Its the first time I have changed the calipers on a car. When bleeding I did so until there were no more bubbles pulling about 8 oz from each side. The reservoir did get low but I don’t think it emptied. Is it possible that I went too far and now have air in the master cylinder? How would I correct this?

There is a low level float in the reservoir. Top off the reservoir to the full mark.

And then re-bleed the rear brakes if the problem continues, and then refill the reservoir.

Thanks. Bleed, bleed and bleed again. Finally found the air bubble. However now the driver’s side is smoking. I have to check the parking brake cable and pins but at least the light is off.

The smoking brakes were from a brand new (rebuilt) caliper that was seized. Took it back to Autozone they replaced it and the brakes work great. Thanks for the help.